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Our honorary members

At the dawn of the new millennium in 1997, the Police from Wavre (Belgium) wanted to create an event which was out of the ordinary, this resulted in a week long international manifestation, encompassing an official opening with flags and uniforms, an indoor football competition, a Police seminar, cultural activities, local folklore, excursions…

This manifestation meet with great enthusiasm and very positive feedback from the various players.
We have to thanks so much the precedent Mayor of Wavre, The Minister Mister Charles Aubecq. Our thoughts go to him.

The outcome of this 1st World event in 2000, an event that the European Commission was a sponsor, the WorldWide Indoor Soccer Police Association (WISPA) came into being, within its sight repeating this event abroad every year.

So WISPA has been held in Spain (2001),

in Barbados (2002), South Africa (2003), Canada (2004), Brazil (2005), France (2006), China (2007), Ukraine (2008), New Zealand (2009), Belgium (2010 for the 10th anniversary), Russia (2012), for the second time in his history, in Brasil (2013),

 Jordan (2014), Poland (2015), Bosnia &


Charles Michel,

Old Prime Minister,

Old Mayor of Wavre

President of European Council


Charles Aubecq,

Ministre d'Etat,

Mayor of Wavre till 2006

Herzegovina (2016), Sicily Italy (2017), Transylvannia Romania (2018) and Sochi Russia in 2019. We are hoping to continue to export our local (Wavre) concept to other countries and help children suffering serious illnesses.


During several years , Mister Charles Michel was the Mayor of the City of Wavre and also the Prime Minister of Belgium Kingdom. No he is President of European Council. 

Since several years, Madam Françoise Pigeolet is the mayor of Wavre. Thank you Madam the Mayor for your assistance and support in keeping our event at the forefront.


Thank you to the Brabant Walloon Authorities as Mister Pierre Boucher and Mister Marc Bastin. All ones have brought us a large support in our various projects.


We have the pleasure and the advantage to work with Madam Jacinta Carton as WISPA coordinator and Mister Gilbert Hardy who has accepted to be WISPA Consultant for several years. They knows very well our adventure and the ingredients of the success.

Marc Bastin,

Député Provincial

Pierre Boucher,

Député Provincial honoraire

Françoise Pigeolet,

Mayor of Wavre

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